• About Wind Ridge Log Siding

    Welcome to Wind Ridge Log Siding & Custom Woodworking. All products are custom made by one of PA's finest crafters using only the highest grade of materials.

    A lifelong enjoyment of woodworking led Bill Pulkownik to start ‘Wind Ridge Log Siding’ 20 years ago. 

    “It was an interesting hobby that grew into a business,” Bill said.  “It’s fun and keeps me busy.  I started out making baseboards and molding for my house, then making ice chests and other furniture items for friends, and now make hardwood floors, interior and exterior molding and siding.”

    “I have custom blades that allow me to match various types of molding and trim, interior or exterior” Bill added.  “That’s beneficial to people restoring old houses who want to use the original molding.  I can have other blades made for custom work, so there are a lot of options out there.  For log siding, I can curve the edges on 2x8s and 2x6s so that the true look of a log is achieved.”

    “I work with several types of wood, including cherry, oak, pine, and poplar, but will work with whatever type you prefer” Bill said.  “For log siding, I work with the highest quality kiln-dried pine, fir or spruce. I’m not sure of anyone out there that can beat my prices and get the results I get.”

    ‘Wind Ridge Log Siding’ is located near the Jacktown Fairgrounds.  You can view more examples of Bill’s work on Facebook or if you need free woodworking advice, just give Bill a call at 724-428-3951.